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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ delivers massive improvements in speed, scalability, and reliability. It’s the smart choice for firms looking to connect applications, integrate data, and store, manage, and analyze large structured and unstructured data sets.

operational data management

Operational Data Management

InterSystems IRIS saves and organizes data of multiple structures and types, so your business applications can easily leverage it.

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InterSystems IRIS enables you to connect applications, integrate data, and automate business processes across data silos and across your enterprise.

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just in time analytics


InterSystems IRIS provides insight at the point of action, enabling users to make better decisions.

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performance and scalability thumbnail

Scalability & Performance

InterSystems IRIS provides massive horizontal and vertical scalability without sacrificing lightning-fast performance.

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Robust Reliability

Run your solutions 24/7 using cost-efficient commodity hardware.

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security thumbnail


Harden your solution against attacks. Protect data-at-rest and data-in motion.

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