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Our Technology: Operational Data Management

Multi-model, supercharged, rigorously reliable DBMS

operational data management
InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ includes high-performance and highly reliable database technology used to power applications that help form the foundations of the world’s financial systems.

For example, A global financial services firm uses InterSystems’ database technology in an application that processes 13% of the world’s equity trades.

A global investment bank processed more than a billion transactions in one day of intense market volatility while providing concurrent SQL access to that data for 250 different systems.

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Here a just a few of the reasons why our enterprise and software vendor customers are turning to InterSystems IRIS:

  • Blazingly fast, concurrent SQL access to multiple data models— object, relational, or multi-dimensional.
  • Real-time analytics within applications at the point of action, enabling better decision-making by everyone.
  • High availability, scalability, and reliability, with minimal maintenance and hardware requirements.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

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