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Your Challenge: Customer Data Management

Improve the customer experience, create business efficiencies

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You can leverage customer data to improve the customer experience while gaining useful insights into their current and future needs.

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ provides the data management, security, and analytics capabilities you need in order to extract maximum value from your customer databases. Plus, it comes with standards-based development capabilities, including business process definition and orchestration, business rules, and workflow technology for the rapid creation of rich applications with web and mobile interfaces.

Know your customer

Business processes that touch multiple applications (for example: opening new accounts, cross-selling, complying with “know your customer” regulations, etc.) can benefit from our platform’s ability to create a Master Customer Index to track client information scattered among different data silos.

Our clients are very excited about being able to automate their particular business processes.

Objectway, a leading global provider of financial software products and services, is offering platform that helps investment managers deal with complexity and run their businesses even more efficiently. The platform, called illumas®, leverages the capabilities of InterSystems’ advanced data platform.

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Know your customer even better

A top-rated online retail broker dealer used our platform to create a Master Customer Index. In much less time than would be required by alternate approaches, they were able to link 43 million client records and, by applying business rules, create a “golden record” for each client.

Building on InterSystems technologies, we went from initial concept to delivering a functional product in just 35 days.

Ontario Systems, a leading receivables management technology and services provider, is easing the regulatory burden for its customers in the third-party collection industry. Utilizing InterSystems’ data platform, Ontario Systems developers rapidly designed and built a cloud-based Complaint Tracker application and delivered it to early users in less than six weeks

Read the Success Story

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