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Your Challenge: Investment Analytics

Find new sources of uncorrelated alpha from structured and unstructured data

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Somewhere in your data lake live as-yet unknown correlations that you can use to guide and improve your investment strategy.

You’ll be more likely to discover those correlations – and increase alpha – if you harness all of your data.

Our data platform has unique technology for discovering important concepts and relationships hidden in unstructured textual data. Our analytics capabilities enable you to combine information from structured and unstructured data, giving you the most complete foundation for decision-making and predictive modeling.

The more data available to data scientists, the more accurate their predictive models will be. Using our multi-model data platform you can merge data – both structured and unstructured – from all your data silos.

Our data platform supports the industry-standard Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), so you can perform backtesting of your predictive models against a complete historical data set.

Use Cases for Unstructured Data

Our data platform includes InterSystems iKnow technology for text exploration. It uses a unique “bottom up” approach that finds concepts and relationships in your unstructured textual data without the need to pre define dictionaries or ontologies. With iKnow, you can easily unlock information hidden within unstructured data.

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