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Your Challenge: Payments, Clearing, & Settlement

Get ready for immediate payment, clearing, & settlement

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The financial world is moving to immediate payment. Clearing and settlement won’t be far behind. With more information available in real time, you’ll have to make decisions much faster. How can you transform your technology to be ready and make the most from these changes?


TD Ameritrade scaled through 15 acquisitions, efficiently clearing and settling trades and managing customer accounts, without changes to their InterSystems-based back-office systems

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A complete, unified data platform

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ provides the technology you need to make a seamless transition to immediate payment, clearing, and settlement:

  • Connectivity to bridge legacy systems with new cloud-based systems
  • High-performance and highly scalable database to support ever growing volumes and velocity of data
  • A highly productive environment for the rapid development, testing, and deployment of new software

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