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Your Challenge: Surveillance & Risk

Clean, integrated, current data for global transparency

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Surveillance and Risk Management are data-driven functions.

Without proper organization of the data regulators need, you are exposed to conduct-risk, money laundering, rogue trading, and other hazards.  To satisfy them, your reporting must have a fast and reliable way to access, integrate, and deliver data to the applications that detect potential wrongdoing and inappropriate risk.

We have seen a significant reduction of investment and operational risk.

MFS Investment Management®, a global asset management firm based in Boston, ported its Global Portfolio Modeler application to InterSystems’ advanced data platform to help mitigate investment, operational, and technological risk.

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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ breaks through data silos to access and deliver the crucial information your surveillance applications need, while respecting the rules that created the silos in the first place.

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