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Your Challenge: Trade & Portfolio Compliance

Meet trade compliance demands by applying rules against a real-time portfolio

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Regulations and the ubiquitous demand for transparency are putting pressure on asset managers to not only have compliance procedures in place, but also to demonstrate that those procedures actually work and are part of a strategy.

Whether adhering to 40 Act or specific IMA rules, business growth — more clients, higher trading volumes, and new products — creates challenges for asset managers to organize their rules and ensure trading and portfolio compliance.

We have seen a significant reduction of investment and operational risk.

MFS Investment Management®, a global asset management firm based in Boston, ported its Global Portfolio Modeler application to InterSystems’ advanced data platform to help mitigate investment, operational, and technological risk.

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A complete, unified data platform

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ allows major financial services firms to build compliance applications on a high-speed, reliable, and scalable foundation — enabling a strategic approach to managing rules and ensuring compliance.

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