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Your Market: Capital Markets

How to “do more with less”

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Investment banks and other firms in capital markets face several constraints on ways to increase profits. Basel III, the Volcker rule, and other regulations limit the riskier, higher-margin ventures of the past.

These constraints have prompted calls to shore up profitability by doing more with less across the organization. In IT, the adoption of a more powerful, more capable, more unified data platform technology makes this possible.

A global investment bank processed more than a billion transactions in one day of intense market volatility while providing concurrent access to that data for 250 different systems.

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The data platform approach

Greater agility through better access to and use of all of the firm’s data is key to doing more with less and taking your organization forward. Major firms in capital markets are using InterSystems’ advanced data platform to aggregate all of their data, across data silos, and:

  • Ease the burden of complying with new regulations, including those on capital and liquidity
  • Provide greater transparency
  • Gain real-time business insights from analytics run against a comprehensive and clean data set
  • Simplify IT infrastructure and lower software costs
  • Create innovative new services

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