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Your Market: Core Banking

Innovate with InterSystems to survive and thrive

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The banking industry is changing rapidly.

New payment technologies and methods (think blockchain and mobile) and new competition (think data aggregators) challenge the status quo as customers look for greater convenience and lower costs. Meanwhile, one of banking’s greatest assets, trust, is under attack from constantly evolving security threats and headline-making cases of fraud.

Traditional banks and new entries into the market must be able to innovate and adapt quickly to these challenges if they’re to survive and thrive.

The data platform approach to innovation

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ enables you to securely aggregate customer information across legacy systems and newer cloud-based systems for analysis and the creation of agile new applications. You’ll be able to offer the more personalized products and experiences that your customers expect, as well as:

  • Simplify IT infrastructure and lower software costs
  • Run analytics against a comprehensive and clean data set
    for business insights and better-decision making
  • Enable fine-grained, high-performance encryption of data
    at rest and in transit for tighter security
  • Enhance surveillance

Major financial services firms gain insights on over 100 million customers using InterSystems-based data management and analytics systems.

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