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Your Market: Lending

Improve your use of data

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The traditional practice of lending is under pressure from upstart peer-to-peer lending organizations, increased regulation, and lower margins.

To compete, lenders must find new data and ways to use it to improve pricing, credit, and risk decisions.

Whether your organization is a traditional lender or a startup, you need powerful technology to combine and analyze all of your data sources so you can deliver high-quality, highly targeted services to your customers, and find new revenue.

Create innovative services on a
data platform

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ enables you to aggregate customer information and loan data across legacy systems and new cloud-based systems for analysis and better decision-making. With it you’ll be able to offer the mobile, personalized products and experiences that your customers expect, as well as:

  • Gain real-time business insights from analytics run against
    a comprehensive and clean data set
  • Enhance your ability to comply with new regulations
  • Simplify IT infrastructure and lower software costs

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