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Your Market: Payments

Balance application innovation, security, and performance — No tradeoffs required

financial services for merchants

Are you imagining the next disruptive payment technology?

Looking for ways to better manage transactions and information in traditional payment networks? InterSystems’ advanced data platform makes it easier to create and manage mobile and cloud-based payment solutions. You’ll be able to deliver greater convenience for consumers while maximizing security, performance, and real-time insights for merchants.

Data challenges become opportunities

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ is massively scalable, multi-model, mobile-ready, and proven in use at some of the world’s largest financial services organizations. With its built-in integration capabilities, you can integrate your solutions into customer IT environments quickly. And its high performance enables you to run analytics against live transactional data to help your customers make better business decisions.

Major financial services firms gain insights on over 100 million customers using InterSystems-based data management and analytics systems.

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